“The goals of our recovery initiative is… rescue of dogs and horses, nurture their current need to restore them to health, and train them  to be Therapeutic Companions. Therefore, intertwining these two needs while restoring hope and vitality to both.”

Our recovery program is focused on the use of these animals to help restore the whole person by providing affective education, and behavioral support. 

Through the use of the Animal Assisted Recovery Program, Waterstone, a 501c3 Corporation is committed to delivering resources to individual living with stress, trauma, chronic diseases, drug dependency, depression, addiction, veterans with PTSD, and individuals with other mental and/or emotional needs.  Services provided will be based on a comprehensive individual assessment.  

Waterstone Restorative Foundation, Incorporated is dedicated to providing economically operated services within an environment conducive to healing and recovery, while helping individuals and families progress mentally / physically towards a restored life through companionship with therapeutic animals. Of equal importance to providing hope for the  individual, we will reduce the number of animals euthanized, suffering from lack of care or simply living in shelters Current research reveals that many animals are suffering from lack of care and are euthanized daily because of lack of available resources.

We are convinced that effective programs need caring people in order to impart the hope that change is possible.  All Waterstone Group members are hands on practitioners, directly engaged in teaching, supervising and delivery of support services.